Mr HILLIER to Ms WOLFE re Ho'rozco vs Hillier - Comprehension Part 1 . . . . ### JUST LET IT BURN ###

ON: June 8, 2024 at 1243EST
RE: Re: Ho'rozco vs Hillier - Comprehension Part 1
FR: Mr Isaac Bon Hillier
TO: Ms Kelly Anne Wolfe
CC: Mr Isaac Bon Hillier
    Mr Leonidas David Orozco, Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco
    Fr Alex Laschuk, Ms Mary Marrocco
EX: Let It Burn

    • Cc:
    • 1.) Byun and Moureau, you have been notified of our understanding, correct?
      • Just know your lane.
    • 2.) Marrocco and Laschuk, you are aware of the expedited nature of the Annulment (Orozco & Hillier) to be completed on or before August 23rd, 2024 correct?
      • Expecting the best, do I plan in case the worst occurs.


    When it rains, sometimes it pours… it looks like my ID hasn’t arrived yet, and I think my wife Maritza has reverted to her coping mechanism from an incident in ’87 in which her father sexually abused (likely psychologically, because she clearly states to me that it was the necessary role for her as the eldest daughter of her mother Hilda) her on one or more occasions. I’m unsure, all I know is that she has a significant recent history which began a month after her mum died.
    Approximately ≥123 days of absence, with an additional 69 days of evitacion during which time Maritza had filed charges that Mr Isaac Bon Hillier had assaulted and forcibly confined Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco at her own apartment (irregardless of the fact this was OUR own apartment, she knew that she’d get more authority with police if she played the victim) located at #2709-565 Sherbourne St.
    I believe this is called her trauma response pattern, as I assessed in an article entitled Evitacion:


231 DAYS ABSENTIAL — 162+69=231
This breakdown is initiated from the death of Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco Ortiz's Mother Hilda Esperanza Orozco Ortiz on July 5th, 2021. The pattern exists...

20240708    20240709   01 days absence —— JUl08 '24 » Jul09  '24    22
20240508    20240706   60 days absence —— May08 '24 » Jul06  '24    21
20231218    20231219   02 days absence —— Dec18 '23 » Dec19  '23    20
20231028    20231029   02 days absence —— Oct28 '23 » Oct29  '23    19
20231014    20231021   08 days absence —— Oct14 '23 » Oct21  '23    18
20231009    20231012   04 days absence —— Oct09 '23 » Oct12  '23    17
20230501    20230503   03 days absence —— May01 '23 » May03  '23    16
20230421    20230428   08 days absence —— Apr21 '23 » Apr28  '23    15
20230401    20230411   10 days absence —— Apr01 '23 » Apr11  '23    14
20221006    20221213   69 days incense —— Oct06 '22 » Dec13  '22    69
20220926    20221003   07 days absence —— Sep26 '22 » Oct03  '22    13
20220909    20220914   05 days absence —— Sep09 '22 » Sep14  '22    12
20220613    20220622   09 days absence —— Jun13 '22 » Jun22  '22    11
20220601    20220611   10 days absence —— Jun01 '22 » Jun11  '22    10
20220514    20220516   03 days absence —— May14 '22 » May16  '22    09
20220502    20220512   10 days absence —— May02 '22 » May12  '22    08
20220421    20220423   03 days absence —— Apr21 '22 » Apr23  '22    07
20220331    20220401   03 days absence —— Mar31 '22 » Apr01  '22    06
20220308    20220309   02 days absence —— Mar08 '22 » Mar09  '22    05
20211212    20211213   02 days absence —— Dec12 '21 » Dec13  '21    04
20211210    20211212   03 days absence —— Dec10 '21 » Dec12  '21    03 
20211127    20211130   04 days absence —— Nov27 '21 » Nov30  '21    02
20211024    20211026   03 days absence —— Oct24 '21 » Oct26  '21    01 

         See similar occurrence about the..
         Usage of mature kids and protecting therapists of children.

20210705     MARITZA'S MUM DIED, SNOWBALL STARTS ROLLING. MARI IS NOT AN ADULT. —————————————————————————————————————————————

  • Needless to say, I’m concerned about the immediate health and wellness of little Ms Orozco, as she evidently feels more like a woman as a Ms Orozco who cares for her Mother, her Father, and even her Brother like a dedicated 14-year-old “hot little Latina” h'Orozco is the word she’s used, who serves and protects her family from those horrible Canadians.
    • My name is Mr Isaac Bon Hillier, and I was born on February 19th, 1982.
    • My wife’s name is Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco, and she was born on August 4th, 1973.
    • My business partner (of whom Ms Orozco is jealous) is Ms Kelly Anne Farkas, and she was born on August 24th, 1982.
      • EDITOR'S NOTE:
        • That is PRECISELY 6 months and 6 days. From the darkness to the lightness. Corollary is irrelevant.
    This is of no actual relation to Isaac and Maritza, but for the fact that Maritza appears to be obsessed with how “close” my associate and I have become over the past 2+ years since Kelly’s initial work with Saccoccia and Sobolev when they were getting the wheels rolling on our sheeple-driven activator. We’ve only met 3-4 times in the past 2 years, and she only came over to our apartment at #2709-565 Sherbourne St on one occasion, and at that occurrence she was accompanied by her daughter and my allegedly “Faithful Catholic wife” was present for the entire consensual collaboration occurrence.
    One of the numerous significant utterances of Ms Orozco associated with our cohabitation in a unit secured and facilitated by an anonymous advocate in our Independent Ontario Advocacy Group initiative network of support initiatives which actually came into our situational ethos by Maritza’s experience with personal and financial extortionate events.
    As such, it has been confirmed that Mr or Ms Orozco has threateningly contacted Kelly and/or Isaac with demands for money (Tell him to put 500 into the card) and further demands that we terminate our Independent Ontario Advocacy Group which Kelly & Isaac established in response to the visceral attacks against our sovereignty and biological safety and secure independence.
    Further allegations made by Ms Maritza Orozco (daughter of Mrs Hilda and Fausto Orozco) have been used to justify her violation and/or abrogation of our Sacrament of Holy Matrimony established and codified on October 15th, 2011 in St Ann’s Church at 120 First Avenue, Toronto, ON M4M 1X1 by Fr Frank Wagner.
    These allegations include such tumultuous bovine feral excrement as:
    • "Leave me alone or I will have you charged with harassment too.”
      • Threat made directly to my partner Kelly.
    • "You both are cheaters into the marriage.  Both of you are harassing me and bullying me.”
      • Factitious allegations made to and/or about Mr Isaac Bon Hillier and Ms Kelly Anne Farkas.
    I find amusing there suppository made allegations about the Independent Ontario Advocacy Group which I established for our protection and understanding that consequences exist for everything, and if we do not ensure that the reasonable consequences are not enforced, we run the risk of injuring or otherwise disrespecting our children.
    Now, I understand that Ms Orozco may be reacting to the traumatic historical satiation or corroboration that our children are frequently abused, and we the (better sheeple) do absolutely NOTHING to prevent it from occurring to our children their children.. ad infinitum, which I REALLY find disturbing. I believe there is an appropriate article which my partner and I posted about the frequency of sexual abuse in our community of the children, and the fact that so many of our sheeple remain quiet about the sexual tyranny.
    So thusly, the victims of prior abuse act to ensure further offences, and frequently actually protect the pedophiles in our backyard or at our front door.
    The buyer was an unrelated man she would later call "Grandfather." Her earliest memories include being sexually molested by a number of men in his extended family.
    "I don't ever remember being able to say, 'No, you can't do that,' or, 'No, I don't have to do that,"' recalled Ens, 59, who grew up in B.C.'s Old Massett Village, a Haida community.
    "I would wake up and it would be dark and I wouldn't know who it was ... It could have been an uncle ... it could have been another cousin.
    "The one I knew was my dad, who went to jail, and then my grandfather."
    Child sexual abuse is a disturbing reality in many of Canada's First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities, research is beginning to show.
    Within Indigenous society, the knowledge that children are being molested is often an open secret —but one to which few are willing to give voice. Instead, they dance around the words, talking instead about child welfare, bullying, substance abuse, intergenerational trauma and community conflict.
    "My biggest message would be to tell someone, and that it is not your fault," she said. "When we don't talk about it, we are just as guilty as the perpetrator. We are covering it up.”

    We ARE the biggest fucking problem, as we protect our PAST

    at the price of the peaceful and better FUTURE of our brethren and their children.


    I apologize for the break in communications protocol for the one statement, but it was done to address the elephant sitting the bathtub as we defecate on our children. I am enraged at the extent of Ms Orozco’s protection of pedophile and normalization of damaging those we need the most to protect our future. 


    Respectfully yours,
    Isaac, Chief Technical Officer
    Independent Ontario Advocacy Group
    Internet Security, Operations and Intelligence
    Cel: +1 437-553-2224