Subtle Thoughts of Intentionality


Overreach of Federal and Provincial Government made living in Canada akin to living in North Korea.  When the rights of an individual are stripped, crushing in its way even the rights of a tenant of which some rights come in part from the Canadian Bill of Rights S.C. 1960, c. 44 specifically Part 1, it is hereby recognized and declared that in Canada there have existed and shall continue to exist without discrimination by reason of race, national origin, colour, religion or sex, the following Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, namely..

  1. the right of the individual to life, liberty, security of the person and enjoyment of property, and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of law;
  2. the right of the individual to equality before the law and the protection of the law;

and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in addition to the common law principles.  

Since when in a Western civilization does Ontario Health Emergency Health Mandates create mandates to override laws-- laws meant to protect from overbearing illegal acts of government on its citizens?

The right to live in a Rental/Private Residence, free from harassment of a medical hierarchy of an unelected unlawful body, is a fundamental legal right.  The realm of Rental/Private Residence should not be accessible to such bodies.

  • "Mask, don't mask, stay at home, leave home, don't work, work, stand apart, don't talk to your family or neighbours, close stores, close crucial infrastructures of society, now don't, inject an [ unsafe, untested cocktail ], will cure, no will not cure but minimize symptoms, and will not minimize but give such symptoms" etc.

Such bombardment of contradictory and invasive harassment on the private lives of renters by government and unquestionably pushed by Medallion Corporation is the violation of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of Canadian Citizens in enjoying their human rights n a private rental unit.  This applies to Section 2(a) & 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  1. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
    • (a) freedom of conscience and religion;
    • (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.
  •  Medallion Corporation is acting outside of their realm as a Accommodations Rental organization.  Public spaces in rental units where turned into alienating spaces by Medallion Corporation. It alienated and attempted to strip natural rights of those renters who cannot wear masks due to disability and or pre-existing conditions.
    It pushed neighbours apart into
    1. the hyper overly scared masses, and
    2. those rational people asserting their rights as free citizens and tenants.

  • These overtly agitated and frightened masses where thusly exploited by the "Public Health Management" bodies in Canada.  Tenants were allowed to police such Medallion Corporation masking policy with a zeal for meanness and paranoia on unmasked tenants such as us.

Incidents of harassment by the "safely masked" and 'fully vaccinated' rental neighbours onto the unmasked renters were not taken seriously by Security staff or Medallion Corporation.  Their refusal for months to post proper mask signage that listed the exemptions, after the City of Toronto passed the mask bylaw, created a mask or die belief in the building.  This promoted a lie and created a  misinformed mass populace.  They took months to correct their signage even after Chad informed them of their Incorrect Mask Signage.  Their letters continued promoting fear by telling tenants to not visit each other or talk to each other.   Another example of rude, aggressive behaviour by tenant onto my wife is that my wife was refused entry into the elevator for months so much that she started not going out and fearing interactions with overtly aggressive maniacal scared tenants.  This affected her for she was an active person who also volunteered and had to cut back on her activities.  She often took the stairs when going out to avoid angry tenants.  Refusal of service of riding an elevator by mask wearers upon unmasked lawful renters was becoming common decorum at Medallion Corporation rental buildings.

Complaints and Grievances:

  • Right of each individual human to live freely in their own home, and travel through shared rental spaces without harassment has been infringed upon.
  • Medallion Corporation pushing on tenants medical treatments and devices to use, this was fuelling terror amongst its tenants.
  • The right to choose their own medical treatment or devices was infringed upon by Medallion  Corporation with their endless letters, e-malls, posters and signage to tenants causing fear and irrational bullying by its tenants, and staff onto its "non-compliant" renters. Medallion Corporation created an atmosphere of fear so much that neighbours were acting mean, cruel, and fearful towards each other.
    We, (Chad and Stacy) were already not travelling, and taking alternative effective preventative treatments. 
    Medallion Corporation broke private tenants right to choose their own medical treatment, or device and turned its rental unit into a forced medical treatment site by their blanket decision to dictate in a Rental residence the entities Medallion Corporation and Government of Canada/Ontario force medical treatment as the only treatment and treated those who asked questions as Kim Jong Un would to its North Korean citizens.
  • Soliciting medical treatment in a rental apartment complex is contrary to the policy to not be peddled in a rental unit. Only doctors and hospitals can suggest but not force medical treatment and devices to be used but their influence does extend to private rental units. 
    Peddling treatment that was experimental and not passed by under longterm stringent medical procedures but under an Emergencies Act was similar to for example communist health programs in North Korea or China where its people have no choice or input about their healthcare.  
  • Chad and Stacy are only guilty of asserting their own freedom of will to choose their own medical treatment.
  • We are good tenants, who pay rent on time, are reasonably respectful. Medallion Corporation is using some incidents and exaggerating others for the sole interest to push good long term renters out, so as to raise the rent exorbitantly on the units for the new tenants.  
  • The Emergencies Act adapted by Medallion Corporation and other Rental Property Companies have instantly labeled good tenants as  'bad tenants'.  
  • Similarly the same Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act & Emergency Act adopted by Medallion Corporation unlawfully impressed upon tenants a fear and paranoia of dying.  So that made Mr David Bayles, a tenant act out of line when he reprimanded my wife about not wearing a mask.  Mr David Bayles ignored the elevator sign stating the mask exemptions, he proceeded to guilt trip us and specifically my wife.
    Contrary to his audio/video statement to the security about this incident in the elevator, we did not start any conversation or commentary to him.  He entered the elevator and spoke to us first, mainly to my wife.  We did not even notice him getting on the elevator.  My wife and I had been having breathing difficulties due to the smoke and construction dust, and we had decided to go out to get fresh air.  His wife specifically was feeling nausea and needed a couple of hours outdoors when this man accuses her and myself of not caring about his compromised health.  His statement is exaggerated, and untrue.  It is coloured with hatred and untrue in the sense that he feels unsafe with Chad.
    Chad has never made any threats to people.  He is respectful to tenants, but as has been mentioned, the tenants have been hyper scared and driven to frenzy of fear by the media, as well as government and the landlord.  The security interview with Mr. Bayles is an perfect example of the Security and Medallion Corporation promoting the fear of COVID-19 and leading Mr. Bayles in his answers.
  • It made the cleaning staff also act in fear of unmasked users in elevators and hallways. The fear created amongst staff and tenants was enabled by Medallion Corporation and the Government of Ontario.  People were feeling fearful that they would be dying soon after talking with an unmasked person or after sharing an elevator or giving rentals services or other basic services. It is discriminatory because they acted out their fear by refusing the unmasked services which are essential to living such as paying rent. They prevented renters from moving freely about the common (shared) rental areas.  This was criminal and malicious in the part of Medallion Corporation and the Government of Ontario and Government of Canada.
  • I, Chad started to enter the elevator that was occupied by one cleaning member, as one tenant exited.  The cleaner refused me entry and pressed the close button, to deny me access. I would have made it into the elevator if it hadn't been for her rudeness.   She had taken a look at my face and closed the door to trap me by the door or and deny me entry. She uttered something like "No, you're not wearing a mask, no entry!" As she said this, my leg and foot got brushed by the closing door, and I was put out of balance. In pain, I expelled grunts and perhaps I uttered a discernible curse ie "Fuck!" Frustrated and falling, I hit out at the door, but in no way was this comment meant for her.   It was voiced to myself as I was in emotional pain because I was about to fall to the ground.  Thankfully I was able to avoid falling.
    My balance problems started after a car accident about 20 years back. So you can see the possible danger in closing doors on people  as they are stretching out their leg to enter. This antagonistic aggression by masked individuals on unsuspecting tenants has been going on since 2020 shortly after the mask policy was introduced in the building.

To conclude, Medallion Corporation has been coloured to think of free and independent peoples as threats.  We are not a threat to anyone but have been maligned by Medallion Corporation.  We thought we lived in a free country that respects peoples rights and as Canadian Citizens continue to feel that tyranny by government, and via corporations such as Medallion Corporation is wrong.