Controlled Opposition at the Toronto COVID Protests

I have posted a video of myself delivering a speech on history on November 29, 2020 in Mississauga, Ontario. Having posted that speech, I feel that there is an important point I need to address, and that is controlled opposition attending, speaking at, and leading the protests in the GTA in 2020 and 2021.

First, some background information is necessary to contextualize the situation. Protests against Covid restrictions began on April 25th, 2020, and were held every Saturday at Queen’s Park in front of the Ontario legislative assembly. Very quickly, several ostensible leaders and groups emerged. The groups were Hugs Over Masks, started by Vlad Sobolev, Fearless Ontario, organized by Michael Snape, a staffer for independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier, and The Line, publicly led by Lamont Daigle. Chris Sky was also present, promoting a Back to Work initiative, as was Kelly Anne Wolfe, who helped organize and emcee the protests. As the protests continued over the summer, they showed all the signs of being infiltrated by controlled opposition, with rifts and squabbles between groups, protest venues being changed at the last minute without communication, and publicly identifiable members of the protest deliberately going viral with antics that would discredit the movement.

Remember that the organizing principle behind controlling the opposition is that if one is trying to change society, some people will oppose that change. To succeed in implementing the change, one must ensure that the group of resisters is rendered ineffective at opposing it. This means that one should ensure that the opposition is not able to convince people sitting on the sidelines to join their cause, and that the core group of resisters is steered in a direction that is not damaging to the agenda. To prevent the opposition group from growing, it would be made to look as stupid, crazy, obnoxious, and unlikable as possible. To prevent the group from having any significant impact, it could be misdirected with false or incomplete narratives, or have its energies occupied with well-meaning but ultimately futile endeavours. There are many different ways to achieve these two objectives, either from outside a movement or from the inside, but the most effective strategy is to preemptively seed a movement with people one controls to ensure that it crystallizes around a core of leaders that you can direct. As Vladimir Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

With that context, there are two comments I will make about the environment in which I gave the speech, which will lead to a discussion of evidence that Kelly Anne Wolfe and Chris Sky are operatives controlling the opposition.

The first thing I will address are the protesters carrying flags that can be seen waving behind me in the second half of the video. The flags represent The Line Canada (as depicted by a red line through a black circle on a white background). I am not, and have never been, affiliated with The Line, and have written about how they are a controlled opposition group intended to splinter and discredit the opposition in my paper on Trump. As the links I provided there indicate, The Line was created by a man who goes by fake aliases, most likely an undercover cop. As such I do not endorse The Line, and I would encourage others who are affiliated with them to distance themselves from the organization. However, as a matter of practicality it is difficult to prevent certain groups from attending public protests (unless it is a group against which there is a general animus and feeling of moral superiority, e.g. people waving a Nazi flag) and so it comes down to the individual protesters to do their due diligence and spurn the associations and paraphernalia of controlled groups. Unfortunately, based on my experience during the lockdowns, many dissidents attending Covid protests are seeking group identity and charismatic leaders, and are thus easily led by controlled operatives who they resist being skeptical of (Trump supporters come to mind).

The second item to address is Kelly Anne Wolfe, who invited me to give the speech. Kelly is also controlled opposition, as I will demonstrate. In fact, she was formerly executive director of The Line. However, she has always been kind and supportive of me, and has facilitated me giving speeches at protests on several occasions. So, why out her, and why now? The first reason is that I have known that she is controlled opposition since summer of 2020 and discussed that with friends and fellow protesters, and have finally gotten around to writing about it now. The second reason is that I don’t like controlled opposition, and I see it as the responsibility of truthers to blow the cover of operatives who are seeking to control dissident movements. The third reason is that I don’t want to be tied to her, or any narrative that she is promoting. The reason I accepted her invitation to give a speech is because I wanted to discuss a topic I didn’t see anyone else in the local protest movement talking about. I wanted to disseminate this information, and I used a platform that was offered to me to do it. Kelly had no input on what I was talking about (indeed she didn’t know any of the contents of my speech).

But if she was friendly and supportive, why turn on her? Because one role played by controlled operatives is to form alliances with real grassroots dissidents to draw them into organizations where their attentions can be misdirected and their actions manipulated. For instance, the last time I spoke with Kelly, she was going to be making a tour of Canada with Chris Sky and Rob Carbone (both also controlled opposition, as we will see later). She was seeking to make demographic surveys of the towns she was speaking at, in order to target her message more effectively. She asked me if I could produce a short video that would explain to any skeptical respondents why certain questions on the survey were necessary. I wanted no part in it, and so did not agree, but it serves as an instructive example of how operatives ingratiate themselves with activists in order to further their own plans.

But why do I think she is controlling the opposition? That is often not a conclusion that can be drawn on the basis of direct evidence or confession – in fact whenever I have confronted operatives directly and accused them of being controlled, they dismissed the idea as preposterous. Unless someone admits to being CIA, it is difficult to acquire direct evidence, and any competent agent would make it impossible to do so. I do not have any direct evidence, and so we must proceed on the basis of circumstantial evidence:

“Circumstantial evidence – and that includes fingerprints and forensic evidence presented by expert witnesses – allows for more than one explanation. When different strands of such evidence are drawn together and each corroborates the conclusions drawn from the others, we have every reason to [take] serious notice. For hundreds of years attorneys have talked about the ‘cable’ of circumstantial evidence. A cable is made up of many strands which individually are not particularly strong, but the more strands which are applied to the cable the stronger it becomes. In many, if not indeed the majority of legal cases, it is this cable of circumstantial evidence which solidly links an accused to the crime.” [1]

The first major piece of evidence is her behaviour during a protest on July 7th, 2020, in response to the TTC (Toronto public transportation) making masks mandatory for riders. During the protest, she is caught on video saying many ridiculous things, like that she has an IQ of 195, is a member of Mensa, has 13 degrees in psychology, and is a very popular musician. She also stated that people who obey the government and wear masks are “the same kind of people who walked the Jews right into the gas tanks”, and that her brother is a cop (this will be relevant later). This episode, filmed by cyclist Brian Tao, received wide attention, being covered by Newsweek and appearing on the front page of Reddit’s popular /r/PublicFreakout subforum.



Both Kelly and Brian later appeared on the September 16th airing of the Doctor Phil show, where Kelly claims that she “said the most absolutely ridiculous things a person could possibly say, and it worked [to go viral].” She doesn’t acquit herself particularly well in the interview, and many of the things that were written on the card that was handed out during the protest were not scientifically defensible (I later worked to ensure that the card was changed, and that all scientific claims were supported by citations.) Kelly’s behaviour is problematic both in the impression it gives to the general public, and to other dissidents. The general public would see her well-publicized antics as proof that anyone who challenges the narrative is a raving lunatic, and use that belief as an excuse to dismiss other activists with more reasoned messages. Dissidents would see her antics as a reason not to get involved with the protests at all. Though I personally attended this protest, I did not see the incident at the time. After seeing it on the front page of Reddit, I was rather embarrassed to be associated with it, and resolved to distance myself from any association with the various groups that had sprung up around the weekly Saturday rallies.

Kelly is not only controlled opposition, she appears to be a compulsive liar. During that same protest, Kelly misrepresented herself as a virologist to bystanders, and justified it by saying that they would never know when I called her out on it. She also told me that her brother is in Anonymous, the hacker group – recall that she also said that her brother was a cop to Brian Tao during this same protest. In a Telegram chat named ‘Project freedom’, started by Kelly, she admits that her brother works in Canadian intelligence, and that she has received counter-terrorism training. In a later conversation with me (the same one where she asked for help with her survey), I asked her if people were right to be suspicious of her due to her brother’s role in intelligence. She told me that her brother works for CSIS handling war crimes, and is also a part of Joint Task Force 2 (an elite special operations division of the Canadian army, analogous to Seal Team Six). Clearly Kelly’s brother wears many hats, if she is to be believed. She has also lied about many other things of small import, such as saying in the Brian Tao video that virologists would be attending the Saturday protests (this never happened), claiming that Andrew Kaufman would attend a protest in Toronto in the winter of 2020 (this never happened), claiming that 100,000 people would attend a protest to hear Rocco Galati speak (it was at most 10,000), etc.

One last point to mention is that Kelly goes under an assumed name. Her real last name is Farkas, which is Hungarian for wolf (she claims to speak Hungarian on her LinkedIn profile). This came to light on January 16th, when she and Lamont Daigle of The Line were arrested during a protest (two different protests at different locations, actually) and both charged with common nuisance. The arrests were clearly planned beforehand, since a group of about 50 officers in yellow jackets can be seen marching into Yonge-Dundas square in a line formation. The only question is whether Kelly and Lamont were in on what was going to happen. Although I can’t provide any evidence, I suspect this is the case, and the arrests were intended to intimidate protesters. Many protesters were fined or threatened with arrest that day, including myself, though I came after the arrests had happened. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the episode with Brian Tao had been planned beforehand in order to achieve the desired publicity.

You might say that my argument that Kelly is controlled opposition is not compelling, that she could conceivably be a run-of-the-mill pathological liar who happened to get involved in the Toronto protest scene early and assume a leadership position. But if that is the case, it is beyond unlikely that she would be able to co-host a round table interview with David Icke (controlled opposition) and Rocco Galati (controlled opposition), not to mention Lamont Daigle and Chris Sky.

There are many other small things I could mention here, but already I see no other plausible explanation than that Kelly Anne Wolfe (Farkas) is an intelligence asset who was deployed early to organize and corral the protest movement in Toronto. Why would a civilian, even one with 13 degrees in psychology, be given counter-terrorism training? Counter-terrorism involves strategies used by military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies to combat terrorism, or, really, since terrorism is manufactured by intelligence agencies as a form of social control, counter-terrorism is mostly a means of surveilling civilians and justifying foreign military intervention.

In July, Kelly and Chris Sky and others held a “Road to Freedom Motorcade”, making appearances in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Kelly told me when she requested my help for her survey that she and Chris would be flying in Rob Carbone’s private jet. That doesn’t seem to have transpired, probably due to the absurd falling out between Chris and Carbone. However, it is important to understand who Rob Carbone is, and what role he is playing in the controlled opposition, especially because of his relationship with Chris Sky.

Carbone is the leader of the Republican Party of Canada, which is explicitly piggybacking on the brand image of the US Republican Party, yet has not actually registered with Elections Canada. What are the policies of Carbone’s fake party? Although clicking on his policies on his official website gives a “Content is protected !!” error, we can still see what they are. Here’s how he wants to “Protect Canadians Through Strength”: strengthen CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service – our CIA), enlarge all three branches of military, and strengthen airport security with police and military personnel. So he’s resisting the biosecurity state by retrogressing to the previous national security state paradigm. Of course, we don’t need any kind of security state, and would probably benefit from slashing CSIS and airport security budgets to a tenth of what they are now, but Carbone’s positions give him away as yet another shill for the military-industrial complex. I also asked him, during a protest that he attended on October 17th, 2020, why he was proposing to increase CSIS budgets when CSIS is involved in the psychological warfare behind the Covid scam. He gave me mealy-mouthed politician’s answers and implied that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I never again saw him attend a protest in Toronto.

Carbone also claims to be a “a seasoned businessman with access to trillions in assets.” His investment group, London Burke, is for “billionaires only”, allegedly offering private lending for anywhere from $100 million to $2 billion. His website is currently wiped of all content, but you can look at the few archived versions that exist. It looks like it was thrown together by an intern who was asked to create a website for a fake investment group to be briefly shown on screen in an episode of 24. The main website, was archived a total of 20 times between 2010 and 2021, compared to Vanguard’s main page, which has been archived 3,584 times since 2012. Or you can compare it to a random firm I found on the Wikipedia list of asset management firms, Neuberger Berman, which has been archived 126 times since 2019. Clearly London Burke is some kind of sham or front (another researcher found that Carbone has never had office space at the address listed on the website), but regardless anyone associating themselves with investment banking and the billionaire class in this manner should not be trusted.

So Carbone’s party is fake, and his investment group is fake. Why then would Chris be promoting him? During a Saturday protest at Yonge-Dundas in October of 2020, Chris publicly endorsed Rob Carbone: ““Donald Trump is going to win the election, and once he wins he’s going to endorse Mr. Carbone of the Republican Party of Canada. Repeat after me: ‘Trump and Carbone.’” Although I cannot find video evidence of the rally, I was in attendance and I can confirm that Chris said this, promoting Carbone as Canada’s saviour, in the same vein as Trump was being promoted as America’s savior by segments of the alt media. He started a cheer, which I was disturbed to see most of the crowd participated in. All this, after Chris had previously vowed to “NEVER align politically” because political entities “all have their OWN interests”.

This was not the last time that Chris endorsed Carbone. In October of 2020, I attended a large Thanksgiving party for people affiliated with the protest movement, and Chris showed up as a ‘special guest’ halfway through. I took the chance to ask him about Carbone, playing the role of someone who wasn’t already convinced he was controlled opposition, and he told me a series of ridiculous stories. According to Chris, who said he had been staying at Carbone’s house and eating his cooking, Carbone is a trillionaire who has the Rothschilds on speed dial (but doesn’t like them), he has been making more money than his parents since he was six years old, he has a button that allows him to unilaterally delete people’s Facebook accounts, and, tragically, his son had previously passed away after being hit by a Mack truck in right front of Carbone, who had held him in his arms while he died. When another guest asked about Carbone later that night, Chris told them and a crowd of others watching that he was a rich and powerful man who was going to save Canada from the globalist agenda, again presenting him as a saviour.

Clearly Chris was lying, but he said one other thing that may be telling. Chris was supposed to be in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia over Thanksgiving weekend, giving speeches at rallies. However, he had been detained at the airport and placed under arrest by the RCMP. He described to me how instead of calling his lawyer, he had someone inform Carbone, and a little over an hour later an order came down to the arresting officers to free Chris. He described the officers as being shocked and subsequently much more polite in their interactions with him as they returned him to the airport to fly back to Toronto. I have no evidence besides Chris’ dubious say-so that this is in fact what happened, but what I infer from the evidence is that Carbone is likely Chris’ handler and an intelligence asset himself. Carbone’s websites provide superficial evidence to justify his backstory, which is often all that is needed for an intelligence project, since most people only look at superficial evidence. It is the same with Kelly Anne Wolfe, who claims to be a popular musician but has only 106 followers on her Soundcloud page.

But who is Chris Sky? His real name is Christopher Saccoccia – notice the penchant for fake last names among this group – son of wealthy real estate developer Art Saccoccia who runs Sky Homes, which designs and builds multi-million dollar McMansions (and is, as far as I can tell, a real business, unlike others we have seen). Chris calls himself “the world’s most prolific human rights advocate”, and is the most recognizable figure in the Canadian anti-Covid restriction movement, both among dissidents and the general public. He has appeared on Alex Jones, who is also controlling the opposition through Infowars. Despite starting locally in Toronto, Chris has grown his audience and given speeches across Canada, and also in Ireland.

To understand the role that Chris plays in controlling the opposition, it is useful to take an outside view. Chris has a Jersey Shore aesthetic, with neck tattoos, dental veneers, bleached blond hair, and frequently wears tank tops to display his steroid-acquired physique. He is also a hothead, and repeatedly shouted over the interviewer when interviewed on the mainstream media outlet CP24 on October 7th, 2020. We can see more indication of that with him storming out of a July 13, 2021 interview with alt-media (and yet again, controlled opposition) outlet Rebel Media. In short, Chris is the very last person I would nominate to be the public face of the liberty movement in Canada. To the broader public, he and Kelly together constitute an image of “this is what anti-maskers are like”, and it’s an image that forestalls those with reservations about the way things are going from even considering speaking out or protesting.

The same thing goes for Chris’ many arrests and fines. Chris has been fined for refusing to quarantine after returning to Canada from Europe and for leading a crowd of people into grocery stores. Chris’ position is that the fines are illegal and won’t hold up in court, which is true enough, and therefore he earns bona fides with dissidents, who see him as courageously standing up to the system and demonstrating to everyone that the illegal government orders have no teeth. ‘United non-compliance’ has been Chris’ message from the beginning, and he often posts content demonstrating his non-compliance with government mandates (by not wearing a mask, not quarantining, etc.) in an effort to persuade others to do the same. While the message itself is completely correct, and it is important to demonstrate to others that you can in fact stand up for yourself, what the mainstream public sees is that if you are caught breaking the rules there will be consequences and you will be fined. For people already too timid to remove their masks in stores, the risk of getting a fine is enough to ensure compliance. The result is that Chris’ actions, while inspiring to some in the dissident camp, serve to reinforce the image of government power to the public.

Another example of the polarizing impact of Chris’ actions is his Chris Sky vs. Longos video. Chris is filmed shopping for maple syrup at a Longo’s grocery store. While there, he is followed by staff who tell him he needs to leave; he is served a trespass notice, which he does not accept; he is told that the police are on their way; and the cashier refuses to check him out, forcing him to leave a twenty dollar bill on the counter as payment. One employee even tries to snatch the maple syrup out of his hands. While this might appear to be a victory to some who are fed up with mask mandates – “Wow, they tried all that but still couldn’t prevent him from doing his shopping!” – any mainstream viewer will a) think Chris is being an obnoxious asshole and b) never even consider shopping without a mask, for fear of encountering the same reception from employees. How many people are capable of getting their shopping done while weathering the condemnation of all the employees in the store? If people were that impervious to social disapprobation then we simply wouldn’t have arrived at the present state. It is worth mentioning that I have never worn a mask to do my shopping, and I have only encountered treatment like Chris received a handful of times. Most of the time either no one says anything, or one person asks me to put on a mask, I say I’m exempt, and that’s it.

What about Chris’ actions outside of giving speeches and interviews? Let’s examine Chris’ resumé as the world’s most prolific human rights advocate. When the Saturday protests first began in the spring of 2020, he was promoting his Back to Work initiative, and started a gofundme for it on May 29. As of the time of writing, the gofundme has received $13,433 in donations, the last of which was two months ago. At least $4,350 of the money was donated by Chris himself, which still leaves over nine thousand dollars donated by other protesters. What do we have to show for it? Although it is still advertised prominently on his [personal website], it is not linked to, which makes sense considering the URL,, is now a dead link. The site can be seen on the Wayback Machine, where it is a bare-bones site, with a mission statement, a link to join and another to donate, and three news posts, one of which is a message from Chris. Based on the archives on the Wayback Machine, the last time the website was accessible was some time in January of 2021, where it looks the same as it did in July of 2020.

So where did the nine thousand dollars go? Keep in mind gofundme will disburse payments to the fund organizer regardless of whether the goal is met or not. When the site went down, Toronto and the rest of Canada were still locked down and people were out of work. Did the need to get people back to work suddenly disappear? In the message from Chris that can be viewed in the archive, he mentions that his initiative helped businesses to “renegotiate their leases” and provided “personally tailored adaptive business models to generate revenue” during lockdowns. Somehow I doubt that he did nine thousand dollars worth of work. On a personal note, when I first heard of the initiative, and before I was certain that Chris was untrustworthy, I considered sending the link to some businesses that I patronized. After looking at the site, I decided not to do that, both because of the look of the site, and because I couldn’t imagine a small business owner trusting a man on steroids with a neck tattoo, who sounds like he’s narrating an infomercial, to save their business. Oh, and I looked at the facebook group, #BACKTOWORK: the last post is by Chris 9 months ago, promoting Rob Carbone as a man of honour and integrity.

The other group that Chris has started is MAD, Mothers Against Distancing. The website for this group is actually still operational, though devoid of any real content. The last news post is labeled as being from January 4, 2020, which was before there was any global furor over Covid, but appears to have actually been posted around June 17, 2020. Again featured prominently are buttons allowing you to donate – this time to help fund mask-free private schools – although this fundraiser doesn’t appear to have any donors at all. Chris first announced that he would be starting private schools in August of 2020, about a month before public schools opened again. I was at the protest when he made the announcement, and I talked to one mother who was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to send her daughter to Chris’ school instead of public school for the coming school year. Since the schools never materialized, the timing of Chris’ announcement would have made it difficult for parents to find an alternative form of schooling when his plan failed to result in any real action.

When Chris made the announcement I sent an email offering to teach to his address, not because I trusted him, but because I wanted to see what was going to happen. I received one email asking for my location in the city, and nothing following that. Kelly was also involved in the plan, and when I asked her what was happening several weeks later she told me they were soliciting money from banks to fund the venture. I asked her why she thought banks were trustworthy but she dodged the question. I later spoke with a woman who said she was helping Chris set up the schools, and she told me that they had purchased a Montessori curriculum, but were having difficulty with government regulations and with finding spaces to hold classes. That was the last I heard about the project.

Both of Chris’ humanitarian projects – to get people back to work, and to spare kids from psychological warfare at school – have ended up with hype and donations, but no actual results. In fact it seems that no more than a perfunctory effort intended to generate donations was ever attempted. One wonders why Chris feels comfortable listing both of these failed ventures prominently on his website. I’d say it’s either because he’s not that smart, or he doesn’t think his audience is.

As with Kelly, there is much more that I could say about Chris, such as the time that he claimed that Rob Carbone controlled the Canadian Infrastructure Bank by copyrighting the name of the legislative act that established it, but I have already made my point. The last person I want to discuss is Vlad Sobolev, who started Hugs Over Masks, and is featured in the image promoting the Road to Freedom Motorcade. As one of the visible leaders that emerged in April of 2020, Vlad has been working and associating with Chris and Kelly from the beginning. That said, I did not include him prominently in this piece because I cannot build a strong enough argument that he is controlled opposition to convince myself. He has associated with many people who I’m convinced are agents, which is certainly a red flag, but I have not seen him tell obvious lies, get himself arrested for puerile stunts, or do other things that would suggest he is trying to derail the movement. Therefore, with the evidence available to me, I cannot conclude that he is controlled opposition based solely on his connections. As I mentioned previously, one of the roles of controlled operatives is to ensnare authentic people in their schemes so as to prevent them from getting things done by striking off on their own. I suspect that this is the case with Vlad, whom I have had several people tell me is the only seemingly-genuine leadership figure in the protest movement. If additional evidence comes to light, I will update this paper.

If you are in the truth/liberty movement, and you have not trained yourself to be able to recognize controlled opposition and when you are being misdirected and spun, it is essential that you develop that skill. This paper may help you out. But more than reading, it requires applying the same skepticism to alt-media figures and conspiracy narratives that you apply to the mainstream media, because the last thing you want is to refuse swindle #1 and immediately fall for swindle #2. That doesn’t mean you have to be a paranoid loner, afraid that everyone is out to get you – I have met plenty of real people, and made friends by attending protests over the past year and a half. You just have to pay attention and do your due diligence by looking into the people and organizations that you are affiliating yourself with.